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Our Recycling Products


It is found in mines containing tungsten, wolframite and scheelite, wh..

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Cobalt is a hard, silver color, very similar to nickel and iron in ter..

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Thanks to the oxidation resistance of nickel to air; It is used in the..

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Molybdenum is a transition metal and is silvery white in pure form and..

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More than 90% of vanadium production is used in iron and steel alloys...

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Titanium is stronger in strength and strength than steel, light in wei..

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It is a soft, rollable (wire and sheet), silver-white metallic element..

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TANTALIUM (Ta, Tantalum, Tantalum) is the metal with the highest corro..

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HSS tools in the metal cutting industry drill, guide, die, hobbing, cr..

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About Us

The fact that natural resources are not endless, if not used carefully, one day these natural resources will be exhausted should be kept in mind.

Realizing this situation, countries and producers are trying to recycle and reuse wastes in order to prevent waste of resources and to cope with the energy crises that may arise. Here Founded in 2003 with the aim of SCI said scrap metal and recycling is spearheading TURKEY gathered from many countries. Our main activity is between 350 - 400 tons of tungsten (Wolfram) carbide scrap and various non-ferrous precious metal alloy metal scrap in the context of developing modern technology and harmony. input. Automotive, defense industry, home appliance industry, machinery, petrochemical, glass industry, iron and steel industry and so on. Our main field of activity is the scrap of industrial sectors including machining. "Our aim" is to give our customers the best prices and fulfill our commitments on time. We wish to continue to set an example for our future generations and competitors ...